Shanghai Life Lately!

Well folks, life is back to my normal non-tour guide self. I would say it’s less busy…but it’s not, it’s just more routine than bopping around Shanghai. The next day after I sent my mom back home, my friend Josie from Germany stopped by on a layover to Australia! I showed her a quick glimpse of Shanghai and we sat around the Starbucks reserve reminiscing about our days in Malaysia. Can’t believe it’s been six years since we lived there!

How beautiful is the view from my room?! I got a cute little tea set with my roommate and we’ve been drinking tea together and laughing.

For women’s day my boss gave all the ladies huge bouquets of flowers. All day I saw girls wandering around the city with bouquets.

I’ve been volunteering lots at the hospital because babies are cute and it’s always good to give 🙂

I also found the best croissant place in Shanghai! Maybe it’s my imagination, but these are almost better than in France. Probably my butter deprived American self speaking. But they are SO GOOD. Fascino off West Nanjing Road. I go first thing in the morning and they are so flaky and melt in your mouth.

I have a membership to Audible and I am enjoying it! I really only enjoy listening to the books if the author is reading them which means lots of non-fiction. I am almost done with this book by Maria Shriver and up next is a book by Bob Goff. I still am cranking out a “real” book too. I love listening to the books since I walk and am in transit so much.

I have been doing puzzles like crazy. I love them so much and is a great way to relax. Unfortunately I lost a few pieces to this puzzle. Insert dramatic tear.

And of course life is not complete with a photo of a cute kid and my wonderful coworker Vicki. Kaya is the cutest and I have been helping her prep for an interview into Grade 1. She is so sassy and I love it so much. She’s decided (or finally admits) that she likes me and during break loves chasing me and saying “crazy Kaya.” She has also learned that I give fabulous stickers for doing work.

Well that’s all for now! I’m heading to the hospital to go cuddle some babies, then do a puzzle and clean my room. Maybe. Then going to work like a normal human being.

2 thoughts on “Shanghai Life Lately!

  1. I love the flowers! Reminds me of graduation day in Hong Kong when we pick you up! So glad they are celebrating international women’s day there.


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