America: Home of Costco and Pancakes

There are a million places I could have gone for vacation especially considering I live in gorgeous Asia! However there really is no place like home and I was craving some friends/family and my lungs wanted fresh mountain air. So to Colorado I went!

After being fetched from the airport, I arrived at my house and got some cuddles in with the Whisk.

My best friend Meggi met me in Denver and away we went to Boulder for a night of fun followed by morning pancakes at Snooze. YUM.

I spent an afternoon at the Botanic Gardens while feeling like I needed to take a constant nap because of jet lag.

Greg and Kathryn flew in from Milwaukee and we celebrated Greg’s birthday with a fiesta and churro cakes with lots of friends and family.

Love my cousin and all her friends/bridesmaids.

Is there anything more American than Costco? I hear it’s coming to Shanghai soon!

Another beautiful day in Boulder going Geocaching with Meggi!

IT IS SO FUN and I love a good treasure hunt.

We stumbled on free cone day!

It was a very quick trip and it was so nice to be back home! However I really was anxious to get back to Shanghai and all the wonderful things I love there. Like fruit tea being delivered to me.

AND look at this. How could I not miss this sweet, adorable and funny kids.

This is Freyas casual Saturday outfit because why not wear a beautiful dress and bedazzled shoes.

I love my life in Shanghai so much and am excited to wrap up the Spring semester and start the Summer intensives! I have a friend coming in a few weeks and am back to being a busy bee city girl.


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