Shanghai Life Lately

I love a “life lately” post as it allows me to reflect on the latest and greatest and share with all of you! It is the most perfect weather in Shanghai right now, with sunny days that have a light breeze and aren’t too hot…yet. Summer is coming and it is going to be a struggle surviving the heat and humidity. Lately I’ve been ordering a lot of food and not cooking. I know people don’t believe me, but ordering and having food delivered is often cheaper than cooking. Welcome to shanghai and high consumerism! I love my delivery via moped. Lately I’ve also been thinking a lot. What’s new. I’ve been planning future trips, scolding naughty kids, singing Queen songs with my precocious students and wondering what’s the next step! So here’s a little glimpse into what I have been up to….

Love seeing a beautiful sunset from the Pudong side of Shanghai!

I go to such a wonderful yoga studio here. I love it so much! An oasis in a city.

The beautiful snap dragons! Summer is really about to hit shanghai and I am loving seeing all the flowers in bloom.

Love my vegetable juice on the go. Container is not environmentally friendly, but I sure love it!

One of my sweet students. I just found out she is moving to another country soon and I will be so sad to see her go! She is a shanghai super kid.

Apparently they think I am crazy…

He probably didn’t mean the Jay-Z song reference but I loved his sentence using the vocab word “problem.”

I went to a fabulous exhibit of National Geographic photos with my roommate on a rainy day after breakfast.

One of my favorite photos and a dream job.

I celebrated Easter with my students by giving them little eggs filled with candy and making them wear bunny ears! Most of them know about Easter as they attended bilingual schools where western holidays are celebrated.

How sweet is this! One of my students got a little sister and it’s tradition to give ouT gifts after a new baby. I was later informed that the gift is for good luck to me to have a baby soon too. NO. I still ate the cookies.

A nice twinning moment. Gotta love shanghai fashion!

Well that’s all for now. I have a friend arriving tomorrow, a mini-trip next week and kids to choral and dance with!


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