Christmas Season Abroad

The Christmas season is here and I am on vacation in Philippines as I write! It was a crazy first two weeks of December that involved an unexpected move! I loved my past apartment, but after deliberation with my roommates and landlord we decided not to re-sign. It was an amazing place to call home for a little over a year and I’ll miss that place a lot! However, I am super excited and loving my new place. I have my own apartment in the Former French Concession. It is in a lane house with creaky stairs and only a block away from my yoga studio and gym! Amidst moving I also was working like an energizer bunny on work for the students while I’m on holiday and preparing for our Christmas party. The foreign teachers go on holiday in December and our school hosts Chinese science week! The kids love it. So here’s our super fun holiday party!

I made sugar cookies for my class and the other older class kids. They had so much fun decorating these holiday cookies! It was insanity and messy but worth it.

I mean look at these little faces! We also made reindeer hats as pictured.

Working hard at tracing the shapes and making the cute hats.

A huge highlight was when Santa came to the Zebra Class! The parents all had wrapped gifts and given them to us for Santa to distribute.

Nothing like the excitement of unwrapping a present!

Four of our students and a mom sang Christmas carols for the two classes and went around the school! It was so cute.

We had a super yummy Christmas feast potluck style.

Those are some happy campers all sugared up and full of Christmas spirit.

We had a school wide secret Santa gift exchange. I’m so lucky to work with such an amazing team! It is an incredibly positive place to work that cares deeply about kids and I couldn’t be more happy there.

It was a mad dash of a two weeks and I am happy to be on holiday for now! Off to the beach I go….


2 thoughts on “Christmas Season Abroad

  1. Great story! The kids are so cute and sure look like they enjoyed the day! Good luck in your new apartment, and have a blessed Christmas, Kaila!

    ❤️ J

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