Shanghai School Field Trips

This past week, we took a class trip to an organic farm. Our school has a fall and spring outing and my coworkers warned me prior that it is one of the most tiring days of the year. Very accurate! This farm was about 40 minutes from the school on the Pudong side of Shanghai. We had a wonderful day and it reminded me of all the amazing field trips I had growing up!

Our first activity of the day was building a tent with the strongest shape, the triangle. I love how cute they all are in their matching sweatpants.

They added branches all around it and helped tie sticks to create the structure.

Next up we made a bunch of mud cakes. Here we are gathering water from the pond.

I loved seeing them get down and dirty and make “mud pancakes.”

Getting dirty is so much fun.

Up next we prepared some land to plant vegetables.

Chip the Colorado buffalo came and helped us garden.

They watered the newly planted vegetables.

Next up we had a chinese lesson on vegetables and saw the way the farm grows their organic veggies.

They picked some of their own vegetables to take home and cook up!

How cute is this! We fed the alpaca, petted the mini horses and chased some little ducklings, and had a delicious and nutritious lunch!

Often field trips are to museums which is great, but I loved getting these city kids outside and in nature!

By the end of the day me and the kids were exhausted! We made amazing memories and the parents loved hearing their stories from the day.

-Teacher Kaila!

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