25 Memories for Turning 25

Surprise I’m 25! On my birthday, my coworkers totally surprised and pranked me! They had a decoy cake on the morning followed by a prank in the afternoon where they told me our December holiday was canceled. I actually was fine and said I would be gone no matter what. Ha! Needless to say, I had a great day and wonderful dinners with friends. 25 feels so good and I’ve had an amazing year. Here are 25 memories that I have loved and will cherish forever. And I truly believe the best is yet to come! Cheers to 25.

1. Rainbow mountains of Zhangye, Gansu.

2. Yellow Mountains in Huanshan with my mom.

3. Kunming, Yunnan to visit my orphanage.

4. Zhangjiajie Avatar mountains.

5. Hong Kong (multiple times)

6. Summer camp at my new job! We had the best time baking food and learning about the world.

7. Starting my new job with the loveliest most brilliant children.

8. My apartment.

9. April trip back to Colorado.

10. October trip back to Colorado.

11. Silly daily “oh China” moments.

12. Snowfall on the Great Wall in February.

13. Shanghai/Beijing with Cassidy.

14. Xi’an: the Terra-cotta Warriors and biking on the ancient wall.

15. Teach the three most extraordinary girls!

16. Volunteering at Baby Home at the hospital where orphans come for medical treatment. I’m now the leader of the weekend group!

17. Our schools Halloween party! Wow it was at an organic farm and looked like a wedding event. There was choreographed dance, a catwalk, and I had a fight scene and chinese rap song. I had a blast and the kids were so amazing.

18. Hangzhou with my mom in March!

19. It isn’t one memory, but I have lived like a queen and had amazing food this year.

20. My yoga studio and gym. They help keep me sane and I love both of them.

21. Saying goodbye to my old job. I loved it so much and it was so influential in my teaching career.

22. Going to Moganshan for a true luxury weekend. No other place in the world quite like that.

23. Having the Senger’s in town!

24. All my wonderful friends!

25. Just purely living in Shanghai. It is magical and I am in the right place for this time in my life!

And that’s my list! I’m heading for a little getaway as I have two days off and am looking forward to all the adventures I have planned as a 25 year old!


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