Still Raining Sunshine

Yes it is still raining rainbows and sunshine in Shanghai! It’s been a while since I’ve posted so there’s no time like the present going to work on the metro! I am still loving life here and so many exciting (and exhausting) things have been happening! This picture above is our class picture. Look how cute they all are in their white polos.

The Shanghai Rolex Masters was in town last week and I had so much fun! During the week I went with my roommate Sujin and saw Djokovi, Thiem…etc. Watching tennis live is so exciting!

On Sunday I saw the final with Fran and Stacey! It was very exciting. We saw the doubles and singles final.

We had a great time! I learned that I much prefer watching singles over doubles.

My zebra class continues to just be wonderful. The kids are so much fun, interesting, and I’m having a great time teaching them. Here we are playing a game where you roll this big dice and then read a sentence based on the number.

During their Chinese afternoon, I am prepping for their English lessons. But, when I’m in the class I get to see all the fun and creative things they do!

Reading their weekly Chinese story.

I brought a bear back that was a Colorado flag shirt on. They are obsessed with it and take turns taking care of it. Reading with her, eating with her and telling her to pay attention ha! They are little teachers.

During the national holiday at the beginning of October I was back in Colorado!

Met up with my roommates from senior year in Boulder

Celebrated my moms birthday with Aunt Judith!

Spent the weekend up in Winter Park and went for a nice hike and saw all the beautiful fall colors!

It’s was a great week back, and now I am enjoying having my schedule back to normal in Shanghai! I have a 2 month stretch before my winter break where I have planned an adventure of epic proportions.

Till next time!

Kaila ❤

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