Zebra Class: Life in Shanghai

The school year is in motion and I am loving my class of 20 interesting, funny, smart, and energetic students! We are the Zebra class and are settling into our daily routines and having so much fun getting to know each other. Here we are at circle time playing a guess the word game with one kid acting it out. We have a lot to do everyday and these kids are just so amazing. They all know each other and have been coming to the school for 2-3 years since they were little babies! This really is such an incredible age.

Our week one art project was making a zebra and the environment it lives in.

In the afternoon they have chinese class, and here they are playing an even and odd number game.

A great circle time is a craft in combing entertainment, engagement, learning, focus, and fun! Here we are talking about the main character and ways to describe them. We have great boards around the room and really utilize them. Some schools in China have been taken over by technology and I love that my school isn’t one of them.

They love word BINGO!

The Tree of Words is one of my favorite things in the classroom! It’s right next to our circle time and we use it a lot for games. Plus it’s just aesthetically pleasing.

They really are just so much fun. I always find that the day goes by so fast because it is scheduled and there is always more fun to have and knowledge to be learned.

This is their cute job board we made! Likely the class pet will be a turtle.

This is how they sign in everyday. The zebra has Velcro on the back and they take it out of a basket and place it on the board. Routine routine routine!

I just really love this class so much! I can’t imagine how sad it is going to be to say goodbye next June when they graduate and head off to primary school. In a few months they will start interviewing and I want to help them be prepared as possible!

-Teacher Kaila

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