Daily Shanghai Essentials to Take Everywhere

I decided to take a moment to do some yoga meditative poses on my nightly walk and reflect on the past few days and challenges that have come my way. I’m so proud of myself for how far I have come as a person and my growth in learning to truly feel my emotions and to do my best to lead with kindness, empathy and compassion for myself and others. The past few weeks I have learned what are essential things to always have with you to make life easier and for basic survival skills. I thought my backpack I got at REI and it has been the perfect bag. It’s canvas, light, durable, has lots of room and I’m so happy I brought it. The first thing I learned was to ALWAYS bring an umbrella with you because rain or shine, the umbrella is critical to surviving the weather extremes and changes of daily life in Shanghai

My backpack and umbrella! The backpack has side pockets so I usually stick a water bottle and the umbrella in them.

This is what is always in my bag. In order for left to right starting at the top.

1. A face mask. I haven’t experienced pollution heavy enough to use it but I have it with me.

2. My metro card. I could pay for it on my phone but I don’t want to always have an app so I like using the card and top it off when needed.

3. A glass Tupperware with some wrapped rice crackers. There is food everywhere in Shanghai, but I like to have these light snacks if my stomach is grumbling to tide me over until I get food.

4. A bag I got at a great Japanese store called Miniso. The next photo you’ll see what’s in it.

5. A phone battery bank. You need one of these. I have never used my phone so much and having the energy bank is one of the first things I bought.

6. My notebook for journaling thoughts, trusted pen and my planner. I like to write down events and jot notes in it.

7. My wallet that has some cash and my cards in it. I almost always use WeChat wallet that has its own code to buy things. However I believe you should always carry a little cash! What if your phone is acting up and you need to pay for something.

8. And adapter and iPhone plug. Sometimes I need to charge my spare battery and while the electric outlets have a place for a two prong plug…I still bring both.

What’s in my small bag that says Smile.

1. A mini container of face wash.

2. Tissues. While most bathrooms have toilet paper, it could be out or I use it to dab sweat off!

3. Spare contact case.

4. Small container of sunscreen.

5. EOS chapstick.

6. Bandaids and some tooth picks.

7. A hair tie and Bobbi pins.

8. Spare contacts.

I always also carry my headphones and sometimes I’ll bring a book, my camera and if I’m going to go type at a coffee shop I’ll bring my chrome book laptop.

If you have any suggestions of other things I should bring I would love to hear! So far this is what has worked for me in Shanghai. I’m sure I’ll find a few more things I need.

Carrying on!


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