Month One: Shanghai

A few days ago marked the completion of my first month in Shanghai. And what a month it has been! Shanghai still has an energy to it that I don’t forsee myself feeling like it’s become tarnished or old. We all get to choose our perspective and put in the daily work towards happiness and joy and I consciously make an effort to so. The overall happiness I feel is not because of one thing I did nor does it happen instantly; rather it’s a series of decisions and moments. This post is not themed, but just a fun update on life lately.

I mentioned this in another post, but my favorite quite bite to eat in a city filled with food on every corner is Yang’s dumplings. I get the pork ones and they are brimming with juice that if not careful will squirt everywhere! For 8rmb I get four large dumplings and am good to go for a while until my stomach starts grumbling. They churn out what I imagine to be thousands of dumplings a day and I love watching them in the kitchen knead the dough, roll out the individual circles and stuff them with a variety of mixture and place them in a steaming hot pan, all the dumplings packed tightly together.

My friend Nadine lives in Kunshan and I have been fortunate to have her in Shanghai for two weekends! This past weekend I was working during the day, but in the evening I took her to the international expat grocery store and we left with speculos butter, chocolate and kale juice for me. Can’t take a girl out of Boulder! I also met up with a fellow teacher who I was connected to through this blog and we had an amazing mexican meal in Xintiandi with her flatmates. Margaritas and churros for the win!

On of my days off last week I went the Yuyuan Gardens and had a great time walking the extensive and winding area. You MUST get there first thing in the morning or right before it closes in the early evening or you will be swarmed by hundreds of people and their selfie sticks.

My students have been so great and I really enjoy working with all their little personalities and seeing their language growth. I teach students ranging from 5-9 and I enjoy being strict teacher Kaila who bribes them with stickers and makes them laugh. They need more laughter and silliness in their lives!

China is full of random funny things to me that are probably normal to people who grew up here, but strange to me! Above is a lotion dispenser where you can buy a bottle of lotion in the subway out of a machine. I mean why not?

And of course I have been discovering new and delicious food from a great salad place to a yummy Thai restaurant right next to my office where I had crackling pork and Chinese kale with a mojito to wash it down.

Once last thing! Stacey has a great blog and posted an interview with me that you can find through this link:


2 thoughts on “Month One: Shanghai

  1. Kaila, love your deep insights, fun and loving spirit as you explore new experiences, tastes, and cultures. I so appreciate your ability to express some of this in writing. Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing and expanding all of our lives. Hugs, Carolynn


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