Rowdy and Lao-d: Laos is Amazing


I can officially say that my favorite country in Southeast Asia besides Malaysia is Laos! This completely surprised me as I knew very little about the country and had no idea that it would blow me away as much as it did. We also had another awesome in country guide, Chermoua, to accompany our other guide Ray which added infinitely to the experience. Chermoua from the beginning, picking us up at the airport in Luang Prabang, was nothing but phenomenal.

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Tongue Thaid in Thailand


We arrived safely in Bangkok and were picked up at the airport by some staff members of the tour company we had signed up to do Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam with. When we had decided that we were going back to Malaysia, my mother concluded that she wanted to go to Cambodia as well as a life long goal and after the advice of several friends, we decided to go with a tour. A tour group has its pros and cons like anything, but we had an absolutely amazing time and loved getting to travel with a small group of fellow adventure and travel lovers. We also had an amazing guide and great in country guides as well that made the experience that much more beautiful. While I was the youngest on the trip, there was another young adult who had just graduated college and was with her grandma on the trip. I find that traveling with “older” people is way more fun and something that I would absolutely do again in a heartbeat.

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Twenty-Four Hours in Singapore with my Best Friend


I had never had intended to go to Singapore during this trip in Southeast Asia, but ended up booking a one-way plane ticket to this wonderful country the night before to visit a friend who also happened to be one of my first year college roommates. Before I proceed, I just want to say how much I value my friends and how fortunate I feel to have close friends to share all my secrets with and experience life with. We truly would never get anywhere in life without friends and I am grateful for everyone, you know who you are! After being dropped off at the airport, I navigated myself through the airport with just a medium sized purse carrying a change of clothes and my camera and made my way to the gate. This trip was so unplanned and spontaneous and I had adrenaline running through me the whole time; it was magical, mysterious, mystical and the best time.

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Travel blog from Malaysia: Langkawi, Melacca and Kuala Lumpur



After concluding my first year of college in early May and seeing friends off to the airport, I packed my bags and headed off to Malaysia with my dear Mother. Before entering college I had taken a gap year in Malaysia as a youth ambassador under the State Department and was ready to go back to visit friends and (host) families, while bringing my mother along for the ride. This trip was long waited and someday I will elaborate more on my experience in Malaysia before college.

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